La Vorágine, variación No. 03



Remedios's work is a continuous investigation about the connection between nature and memory through a dreamlike language with a particular affinity to intricacy and detail. The female figure is the protagonist, whether figurative or implied, seeking varying definitions of the female experience. Organic forms present a balance between the figurative and ethereal, inspired by literature, botanical illustration, the Panamanian tropic, and the influence color has over the spirit. 

  • 2020

  • Signed

  • Paper assembly inspired by the book La Vorágine by the Colombian writer Jose Eustasio Rivera. The series is an analogy between the epic of the virgin jungle and the childhood memories that the quarantine brings to me. Each piece of paper was inked, drawn, cut by hand and assembled to create the composition.

Mix-media on paperboard, 20" X 32"

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