Kill Bill

Will Porter


Will Porter is a visual artist from Flint, Michigan with a primary focus in portraiture and agitprop. His work plays pendulously between realism and abstract distortions, creating unmatched contrasts and a distinguished aesthetic. Will aims to engage with audiences surrounding subject matter that lack sufficient language for dialogue and conjecture, whilst providing a magnificent view all the while.

"Porter's art has a real, venus flytrap quality."

  • 2018
  • Signed
  • Kill Bill is one of a few Porter paintings that humanize American currency in order to dehumanize it. Bill (George Washington) finds himself as the target of Porter's vices in a piece that speaks power to any and all persons negatively impacted by the oppressive function of American currency. 

Acrylic, leather, felt, string, paintbrush, 72" x 31"

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