Katherine Bernhardt x Maria Brito “Nicki” Silk Scarf

Maria Brito


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Created in collaboration with Maria Brito and Katherine Bernhardt, a rising rockstar in the art world, whose brightly colored “Pattern Paintings” vibrate with life. She had rarely done collaboration prior to working with Maria. Since then she has gone on to garner worldwide attention with her whimsical yet impactful pieces.

Originally created as a way for collectors to have more affordable access to Bernhardt's work, this bag is a true piece of art. As a wearable work, it’s a perfect unique addition to any collection.

Katherine Bernhardt is a contemporary American artist whose brightly colored paintings meld the abstract repetition of African textiles with specific motifs, such as tropical animals, cigarettes, tacos, and basketballs. Quickly made with spray paint and washes of acrylic, Bernhardt’s works vibrate with formal juxtapositions and varied content. “They’re just good colors and shapes. Look at a sock: it’s got really good colors, white with red and blue stripes. Toilet paper is a squarish oval,” she has explained of her subjects. “A cigarette is a line. A dorsal fin is a triangle, and so is a Dorito.” Born in 1975 in Clayton, MO, she received her BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago before moving to New York where she earned an MFA from the School of Visual Arts in 2000. At the beginning of her career, Bernhardt established herself with thickly-painted portraits of models and celebrities she culled from magazines and advertisements. Since then, the artist has experimented with various materials including handwoven Moroccan rugs and installation. Her works have been the subject of solo exhibitions at the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth and the St. Louis Contemporary Art Museum. Bernhardt currently lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.

100% silk scarf, digital print

36” x 36”