Hija, Hermana, Madre

Rodolfo Marron III


Rodolfo Marron III’s installation work considers the preservation of Latinx identity and history through the use of portraiture, apparel, language, and Catholic iconography. A major component of his practice involves the digitization and documentation of family photographs, which are then reproduced and incorporated into vignettes. The figures in these photos are shrouded in the anonymity of the protected. The result is an intimate relationship between the artists hand, archive, and the viewer. His portraits and sculptural forms characterize some of the issues that surround many Latinx communities, such as deportation, gentrification, incarceration, and the precarious existence of brown bodies in spaces of violence and care.

  • 2018

  • Signed

  • Original unique work 

  • A portrait of my sister Sylvia, as she is shrouded and protected by familial, found and collected objects.

Collage on paper, 9.5 x 11 In (framed)

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