Hair Ties That Bond

Mary Martin


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Mary Martin’s intricate carvings and linear patterning adorn her functional pottery. These creatively woven markings and forms affirm and connect her to her ancestral origins in Africa. Her ceramic pieces are made to informally & formally gather humanity together. All of her work is made by hand with clay. Form and process realign her to earthly connections using meditative processes of sculpting, drawing, and carving into clay. Mary’s art reflects a double-consciousness that encompasses both her West African lineage and her urban existence in Pittsburgh, PA. Many of Mary’s pieces are inspired by traditional West African textiles, ceramics, and objects. This reflects on her core of remembering her ancestry as an African American woman. Mary’s artwork speaks to her identity, familial bonds, spirituality, and her endless search for peace.

  • 2020
  • Signed
  • Ceremonial teapots celebrate ancestral connections. Our gatherings bring healing, connectivity and comfort. Let this vessel be a means to heal our current state of constriction. Each teapot is adorned with intricate carvings of fictional characters that act as reminders of our past.

10" length, 7" wide, 6" tall, ceramic

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