Sebastien Pierre

Sebastien Pierre is a collage artist and graphic designer currently living between Atlanta, GA, and Brooklyn, NY. While studying at the Pratt Institute, his interest in found objects lead him to collect all sorts of magazines, newspapers, trash, and other printed material found around the city. Eventually, he would scan and arrange his daily findings into the collage series we see now.

  • 2020
  • Signed
  • Edition of 10
  • "Greetings" is part of the artist's scanner collage series. The work utilizes newspaper and magazine clippings to create new narratives. Part of the work is the improvisational and deconstructive process of finding and recontextualizing print materials. I enjoy taking these popular images and giving them new meanings.

Newsprint collage, 11" x 17"

Lycra, Solo Exhibition at Instituto de Subcultura, San Juan PR, 2019

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