Talia Ore

Born and raised in Miami, Talia Oré’s work is heavily influenced by the vibrancy of the subtropical city. She devises detailed and rich images that articulate her personal evolution through surreal imagery. Throughout the years, the scale of her oil paintings has grown larger and larger as she gains affluence with the medium. Often times she is juxtaposing fantastical figures with various aspects of reality, in an attempt to bridge the two worlds. It is Talia’s hope that her body of work opens the minds of her audience enough so that they may recognize the beauty in the strange and unknown, while pushing them to reflect on what it means to become aware of your own dark yet wondrous dreams.

  • 2019
  • Signed
  • Large-scale acrylic painting of Florida landscape with mystical woman featured in center This otherworldly swamp scene exudes a blend of eerie, mystical, and alluring energy. Haloed in an alien-green glow, is a woman made of stardust cradling a small dragon. As the viewers’ eyes move throughout the piece, there are many small details to focus on. This level of active engagement between audience and artwork, is exactly what Talia intended for.

Acrylic and gloss medium, 60" x 36" x 1.5"

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