Friendly Clouds

Delton Barrett


I was born in Jamaica, raised in The Bahamas. Here I spent most of my life on the island. After leaving 12th grade I began taking up on a trade in construction with my father. It was during my time in this field I found my passion for photography. Eventually I left my job and began pursuing photography full time as a career. Out of all the categories of photography I found storytelling, conceptual works and fine art to be my most prize study. From here I began my journey experimenting with self portraits in all its forms with a collaboration from nature, old accessories, props of many kind and ordinary objects that can help interprep a context.


Delton is considered to be a storytelling, conceptual and fine art photographer. He spent most of his time exploring the island scapes for inspiration and ideas. Most if his work comprise of conceptual self portraits that convey meanings of many kind or may be deliberately done to evoke humor or provoke thought. He aims to raise questions from his audience about variety of topics that he himself tries to understand. Delton loves to tell stories using nature, old accessories, props of many kind and ordinary objects that can help interprep a context. Many of his projects are sometimes done in series because he feels that a good story should have variety of stills. The very small island life has inspired Delton to use his environment diligently. The irony of him thinking out of the box and he himself still being in a box in such a small geographical place makes him escape reality more, hence he creates his own reality using his mind and camera. Delton and fine art grew to a liking when he began printing his work, he began to see a bigger picture other than what he saw in his camera or on his laptop. From here, his craft entered a stage of development, one that can not only be seen but felt physical. His passion for his craft reigns more and more as he explore more questions of life, spiritual things and human nature.


"Nurture" 2018 Solo Show at D’Aguilar Art Foundation, Nassau Bahamas.

Conceptual of artist hanging out with friendly clouds.

Year: 2016


Edition Total Count: 10

Edition Showfields Count: 10

Edition Number: 1



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