Fragments 4-5-6

Sinejan Buchina

Sinejan Kılıç Buchina is an artist who uses topographic and political mapping to investigate issues of borders and displacement. Her pieces are layered and kinetic composed of both organic and synthetic materials such as horse hair, flowers, plants, spices, dust, metal, concrete bonding agent, and black tea. Oxidation and disintegration of these elements on the canvas surface have the effect of a ceaseless shifting, merging, forming, and erasing, much like nations over time.

  • 2020
  • Signed
  • Since the onset of the current pandemic, she has begun assembling miniature structures using fragments of earlier works. Meticulously pulling apart her previous pieces, Buchina reforms them. It is a sensual exercise mobilizing these elements of identity by igniting smell, taste, and touch to sift through memories attached to certain places and times of a near and distant past
  • Vintage frame, painting fragments

Mixed Medium: Vintage Clock Frame, Thread, Painting Fragments, 2.5 x 2.5 inch (each)

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