Nyareeta Gach

My art reflects repressed traumas and experiences of war culture. The subjects serve as mementos created with various styles- realism and line drawing through the use of painting.
"My practice is an evaluation of my personal journey. I give notice to my past as well as current events, in particular a focus on the politics of South Sudan. My art is an emotional response.
  • 2018
  • Signed
  • My father was a public figure in our community. He was an elder of Gajaak and a politician. When my father died, it was and is still the most unbearable memory of my childhood. I have experienced grief like an Elephant. I mourned him silently as an Elephant does. My father was killed a couple of months before we came to America. Because I was too young when he passed, I was not allowed to see this burial.

Oil and Acrylic on Wood Panel, 8" x 10"

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