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Beatriz Chachamovits is an environment artist and educator from São Paulo, Brazil living and working in Miami, Florida. She has a Bachelor in Fine Arts from Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado (FAAP) and is the author and illustrator of the highly prized book The little handbook of marine fishes and other aquatic marvels, published by Comapanhia das Letrinhas. Chachamovits’s work deals with the decline of the coral reef ecosystem by making sculptures, drawings and installations that investigates and highlights the main causes of the state that coral reefs are found today. She has presented her work in the following solo shows: Siphonophore: the fantastic encyclopedia from under the sea at Oscar Cruz gallery in São Paulo (2013),  White Sea at Galeria Tato in São Paulo (2017), How to Dry Kill at Galeria Carambola in Rio de Janeiro (2018) and The Oceans within at Coral Contemporary Gallery in Miami (2020). Her selected group shows includes: Coral Expedition at the National Museum of Rio de Janeiro (2018) Transitional Nature at the Patricia and Phillip Frost Art Museum in Miami, Florida (2020) and Symbiote at the CAMP gallery in Miami Florida (2020).

Chachamovits was commissioned by the Underwater Museum of Florida (UMA -2019) to create a permanent sculpture inside of the ocean functioning as an artificial reef. She participated on Kaaysá Art Residency in 2017 (São Paulo) and The Studios of Key West in 2019 and has her studio at the Bakehouse Art Complex in Wynwood, Miami.

As an environmental artist, my work deals with the decline of the coral reef ecosystems. I make drawings, sculptures and installations that investigates and highlights the main causes of the state that coral reefs are found today.

  The phenomena known as coral bleaching, ocean acidification and plastic pollution are the main starting points in discussing the human effects in ocean conservancy.

  I invite the public to discover a complex biological network, where the concept of ecosystem is materialized through organization, symmetry and repetition.

   My interactive pieces (to kill with water, to replenish with water and can you sea change?) deals with the ephemeral state of the work and its forever changing quality, much like the ocean itself. It creates kinship with the creatures of the reef, a direct bodily experience to raise awareness and responsibility of this most powerful and endangered ecosystem.

  Like the reef itself, my work uses a number of underlying structures – interdependence, diversity and scale – to organize collective empathy. My main interest is to study these phenomena to create dry dives, a way of showing a vailed ecosystem internal to our planet that most people don’t have access to. I am especially interested in endangered species and how to translate scientific based studies into visual arts. 

  My recent activity on mitigating strategies for ocean conservancy is creating sculptures that functions as artificial reefs so they can perform their crucial role in deflating the tourism on natural reefs, in providing new structures for corals to attach and grow, generating nursing spaces and new homes for so many reef animals and in helping control sea level rise in coral depleted areas.

Beatriz Chachamovits 

Born in São Paulo, 1986; based in Miami, FL


2004 - 2008 - Bachelor in Fine Arts, Fundação Armando Álvares Penteado, São Paulo, SP

Solo shows:


Can you Sea Change? - Soho Beach House, Miami, FL


Ocean in Transformation - Parque Ibirapuera, São Paulo, SP

The oceans within - Coral Contemporary Gallery, Miami, FL


Infertile gardens - SESC Santana Cultural Institution, São Paulo, SP

Killing it dry – Carambola Gallery, São Conrado, RJ


White sea – Tato Gallery, São Paulo, SP


Siphonophore: the fantastic under the sea encyclopedia - Oscar Cruz Gallery, São Paulo, SP

Selected group shows:


Imaginary Reality, Artificial Landscaping - Laundromat Art Space, Miami, FL

Landed - Apollo Design District, Miami FL

Nature Reformed: Six Perspectives in Contemporary Ceramics - Arts Warehouse, Delray Beach, FL

Art at the farm - Aloha Redlands, Homestead, FL


A Subtropical Affair II- Center for Subtropical Affairs, Miami, FL

A Subtropical Affair I - Low res space - Wynwood, Miami, FL

Symbiote - CAMP Gallery Miami, FL

Transitional Nature - The Phillip and Patricia Frost Art Museum, Miami, FL


Open Lobby Connection – Casa Cor Miami, Miami, FL  

Florida Wild – Mckenzie, Miami, FL

Archeology of Memory: The site and sound of ceramics – Bakehouse Art Complex, Miami, FL

To replenish with water – Underwater Museum of Art, Miramar Beach, FL


The Future of the oceans seminar - Advanced Studies Institute USP, São Paulo, SP OpenLab - Bhering Factory, Rio de Janeiro, RJ

Coral expedition: 1865-2018 - National Museum of Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, RJ


Blasfêmeas presents FAILURES FOR THE FUTURE, SAO studio, São Paulo, SP

(eu) Transmeio – Temporária Gallery, São Paulo, SP

Apneia Desvairada (Wild Apnea) – Star Moveis (Design Week), São Paulo, SP

Redscream – Salão dos Arcos, São Paulo Municipal Theater, São Paulo, SP

Abre Alas 13 - A Gentil Carioca Gallery, Rio de Janeiro, RJ


Fissura project artistic occupation – soon to be demolish mansion, Jardins, SP

CORPOrAÇÃO artistic occupation - commercial building, Consolação, São Paulo, SP

Tales and Essays– Tato gallery, São Paulo, SP

Visite decorado artistic occupation – historic building from 1930s, Higienípolis, São Paulo, SP In(LAR) artistic occupation – deactivated medical clinic, Vila Mariana, São Paulo, SP


I Scream artistic occupation – old gloves factory, Glicério, São Paulo, SP 

Adjust - Adjust Gallery, Miami, FL


Surprise - Ateliê 397, São Paulo, SP

While you weren’t there - RED studios, São Paulo, SP

St Barbara D’oeste Grand Contemporary Art Salon – Romi Foundation , St Barbara D’oeste, SP

Imaginary Structures - MARCO Contemporary Art Museum, Campo Grande, MS

Say Do – Goldfarb studio, São Paulo, SP


41st Spring art salon – Modern Art Museum, Resende, RJ

XXXI Visual Arts Salon of Rio Claro - Rio Claro, SP

Projecto Multiplo #5 –São Paulo Cultural Center (CCSP) – São Paulo, SP


Preciso: entre navegar e viver MUV Gallery, Rio de Janeiro, RJ

ARTNOW – Rabieh Gallery, São Paulo, SP


“Untitled #1 – Experiências de Pós-morte” – Oscar Cruz Gallery, São Paulo,SP “Até meio quilo” – Pinacoteca de Santos, Santos, SP

“Até meio quilo” – Contemporary Art Museum, Ribeirão Preto, SP

“Até meio quilo” – Badesc Cultural Foundation, Florianópolis, SC 

Múltiplo – Printed art fair, Valparaíso, Chile


Amarello magazine show year II, São Paulo, SP

It is not Monalisa – Nuvem Gallery, São Paulo, SP



Village of Pinecrest Grant for Artists 


Underwater Museum of Art – commissioned piece 



Open House Miami Beach, 1 month – Miami Beach, FL

Bakehouse Art Complex, 9 months – Miami, FL


Summer Painting Open at Bakehouse Art Complex, 3 months - Miami, FL 


The Studios of Key West, 1 month – Key West, FL 

Kaaysá artist residency, 1 month - Boiçucanga, SP 

Art Educator/Art Teacher:


In person art class for Biscayne Nature Center Summer Camp - Key Biscayne

Teaching Artist position for The Bass Museum Summer Camp - Miami Beach

Online Modeling the reef workshop at Dr William A Chapman Elementary - Homestead, FL

Teaching Artist position for STEAM+ program at The Jewish Museum of Florida - FIU - Miami Beach, FL


In-person clay-molding workshops for exhibition

Future Pacific at Bakehouse Art Complex

Online art workshop for 6th grade students at Escola Mobile - São Paulo, Brasil

Online art workshop for 3rd grade students at Escola Mobile - São Paulo, Brasil

Online Summer Camp for middle school students at Biscayne Nature Center – Miami, FL

Online art workshop at Escola Mobile for 10th grade students - São Paulo, Brasil 

Modeling the reef workshop at South K8 Middle School – Miami, FL


Drawing lesson and Art Process workshop for Waldorf School - São Paulo, Brasil

Private art lessons in São Paulo, Brazil


Private art lessons in São Paulo, Brazil


Educator, Homeostasis exhibition at São Paulo Cultural Center - São Paulo, Brasil

Private art lessons in São Paulo, Brazil


Educator, 31ª São Paulo Biennial - São Paulo, Brasil 


Educator, 30ª São Paulo Biennial - São Paulo, Brasil 


Educator, 29ª São Paulo Biennial - São Paulo, Brasil 

Other professional experiences: 


Artist talk at Center for Subtropical Affairs - Miami, FL 

Art Handler at ICA - Institute for Contemporary Arts, Miami, FL


Panel discussion for #ARTiculating Sustainability at Showfields - Miami, FL

Artist talk with curator Laura Novoa for Coral Contemporary Gallery - Miami, FL 


Set Design Production in an advertisement for Grendene’s new brand of shoes and purses called Zaxy.


Exhibition producer for Homeostasis @ The Wrong Digital Art Biennale, São Paulo’s Cultural Center (CCSP) - São Paulo, Brasil 

Exhibition producer for Projeto IScream, Redscream, a partnership with Campari – exhibition, Municipal Theater of São Paulo - São Paulo, Brasil 


Exhibition producer for Projeto IScream - São Paulo, Brasil 



Original unique work

This original Indian ink drawing is part of a series of 13 illustrations made for the book "The little handbook of marine fishes and other aquatic marvels" ( Pequeno manual de peixes marinhos e outras maravilhas aquáticas) published in Brazil by Companhia das Letras in 2016.

Indian ink on parchment paper

10 1/4" x 12 1/2"

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