¡Feliz Cumpleaños!

Max Sarmiento


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Max Sarmiento is a visual artist who through his work shares intimate and personal moments of his dual Ecuadorian and American upbringing. Sarmiento uses' a wide variety of materials to stage and tell his stories of Andean traditions and the chaoticness of inner-city Queens.
Made during my travels in France, and the frame is an antique frame from a Parisian Flee Market which took me two weeks to clean!
  • 2019 
  • Signed
  • This painting depicts what has happened to me and what typically happens during a birthday celebration in many Latin American households.
  • "La Mordida", the bite, is when the birthday person has to take a small bite of the cake to start the nights festivities. It's never something to look forward to as there's always a cousin, sibling or friend ready to smash your face into the entirety of the cake. Not very hygienic but that's why there's always a second cake!

Acrylic, canvas, paper and frame, 11.25" x 8.5"

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