Eyes Eyes Eyes

Michelle Avery Konczyk

Michelle Avery Konczyk has taken the medium known most for its bright and cheerful connotation and with it, she paints subject matter that transcends into the realm of surrealism. Her paintings are incorporation of various entities. She adds extra body parts and eyes, which take the realistic manner in which she paints into the world that is her imagination. Through this, she shows the beauty that lies within our ugly realities. There is a pressing irony one would least expect a watercolor painting to be. It is her goal to push the boundaries of the medium and take it where no artist has gone before, not only in technique and subject matter but in the presentation.
  • 2020

  • Signed

  • Original unique work A small collection of eye studies. Warning: Don't stare at the eyes in this painting for too long, for they crawl to you while you're sleeping and absorb your eyes into the pile where you will be trapped forever -as an eye- in a swarm of seemingly identical eyes, hoping to be set apart but doomed forever to blend in.

Watercolor,8" x 8"

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