Sofia Gallisa Muriente


Sofía Gallisá Muriente seeks to amplify critical positions in relation to the production of images through multiple approaches to documentation and long processes of research and accumulation. She interested in deepening the subjectivity of historical narratives and their implications, producing works that combine original and found materials, using text, image and archive as medium and subject. Her process is defined by the access and generosity she receives as a woman with a camera in an island where that is largely considered unthreatening. It’s shaped the context of her work in myriad of other ways, specifically by the way island-scale generates unexpected connections and consequences..

  • Signed

  • 5th Edition

  • 4 of each available

  • Embelecos is a triptych that depicts disembodied fragments of The Birth of the New World, a monument to Christopher Columbus built in Arecibo, Puerto Rico after years of political scandals linked to its construction by Georgian sculptor Zurab Tsereteli and its acquisition by the Puerto Rican government.

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Silkscreen on paper,  18 x 25.5 each

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