El Verano Todo Lo Mueve

Franz Caba


Franz Caba (1991) Dominican Republic, is a self-taught architect and multidisciplinary artist whose work focuses on drawing, installation and tattooing. He considers his work as an intimate exercise that explores issues of identity, the body and the vulnerable.

Born and raised in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. He holds a bachelor's degree in architecture from the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo (2017) and is currently pursuing a master's degree in contemporary art at the same university.

Caba has participated in the Caribbean Linked V artist residency (2018). He has exhibited his work in the Dominican Republic and Aruba. He was awarded first prize in the art competition Premio Diario Libre de Arte Contemporáneo (2015) and has been selected in several competitions in the Dominican Republic. 

Franz's artistic practice is an act of intimacy in which he reflects on his vulnerability through drawing, painting and installation. He materializes his thoughts through the image of the body intervened by memories and the symbolic charge of vegetation, objects, architecture and empty space, in order to (re) present his questions about identity, belonging and otherness from his insular condition.

Solo Shows:

           -Psicografia, La fabrica Contemporanea. 2015

           -Depresion Tropical, Ossaye Casa de Arte, 2018


Colective Shows

           -Mask Take Out, Casa Quien, 2015

           -HU MA NO, Segunda Casa, 2015

           -Vanguardia Surreal, Arte Berri, 2015

           -Cervantes: este que veis aqui, CCESD, 2016

           -Millenials, Arte Berri, 2016

           -Viart: Lines, stamps, Strokes, Centro Dominico- Aleman, 2017

           -Premio Diario Libre 3ra Edicion, Arte Berri, 2017

           -Ojala que llueva, Casa de arte Ossaye, 2018

           -Colirio, CCESD, 2018

           - Caribbean Linked, Atelier’s 89, Aruba, 2018

           -Encuentros Cortos, La Alpargateria, 2018

           -Cronicas en Papel, DO Arte Contemporaneo, 2019

           -28 Concurso de Arte Eduaro Leon Jimenes, 2021

           -Sourgrass, Atlantic World Art Fair, 2021

           -Dialogo somatico, Centro cultural Dominico-Americano, 2021



           -Explugged (cover), Luis A. Rodríguez, 2016

           -ONTO N.1, 2017

           -Ojala que llueva, OCA, 2018

           -La Era Plasteozoica, PICTORIA NEWHOUSE, 2018


Artist Residencies

           -Caribbean Linked V, Atelier’s 89, aruba, 2018

           -Catapult’s Stay At Home Artist’s residency, 2020



           -1st place, Premio Diario Libre de Arte contemporaneo, 2015

From spaces and objects we build the ideas of what is ours and what belongs to others, just as we have endowed the divine with human characteristics, things provide us with identitary fantasies. We use objects to distinguish our daily lives, to segregate and belong to places and imaginaries. How does our identity emerge from the otherness? The gringos say that the grass on the other side always looks greener, here one keeps grinding and always remains blunt.

Year: 2021

acrylic on canvas board

16¨x 20¨

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