El Baile De La Vaca Loca

Max Sarmiento

Max Sarmiento is a visual artist who through his work shares intimate and personal moments of his dual Ecuadorian and American upbringing. Sarmiento uses' a wide variety of materials to stage and tell his stories of Andean traditions and the chaoticness of inner-city Queens.
Made during my travels in France, and the frame is an antique frame from a Parisian Flee Market which took me two weeks to clean!
  • 2019
  • Signed
  • This work depicts a traditional festival dance that happens in small Ecuadorian towns, either for religious festivities or the town's anniversary.
  • In the middle of the town square a man holds up a paper mache cow on his shoulders. Town folks light up the sticks sticking out the top of the paper mache cow. In a matter of seconds the man, and the cow are engulfed by fireworks of all types and of all colors. It’s like a rainfall of lights, and the man holding the paper mache cow starts dancing around the town square.
  • Town folks, usually the adventurous teenagers and drunk men, then join in dancing around the cow, both avoiding the fireworks and being delighted by the proximity of danger. Watching these dances as a kid on the side of the mountain in the darkness of the night was spectacular.

Acrylic, clay, fabric, metal, paper and wood , 8 x 8 x 11

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