Jonathan Rosen


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Jonathan Rosen is a text-based visual artist who works with mixed-media collage and interactive digital technologies through which he explores his interest in human desire and dream manifesting. His practice examines the ability of language to create, question, empower, divide and destroy. Through words and everyday objects, he is a collector and cataloguer of human possibilities – the good, the bad, and everything in between. Rosen's art acts as self-discovery tools that unlock the subconscious, distinguish aspirations and realize our individual potential. In today’s world, where it seems our dreams and desires are harder to hold onto (or are reserved for just a privileged few), Jonathan's practice is driven to make dreams more accessible and attainable for all of us. 

“Words create worlds.”
  • 2020
  • Signed
  • Edition of 10, 1 available
  • These plexi-mirrored works bridge Rosen's collage and interactive mirror series. The negative space of the text represents a dream unfulfilled and the hope that it will one day manifest.
  • These pieces hover approximately 1" from the wall and allow the wall color from behind to show through.

Cutout silver mirrored plexiglass with aluminum standoffs, 12" x 16"


  • The Museum Kitchener, Ontario
  • Cornell Art Museum, Florida
  • Museum of Sex, NYC


  • Smithsonian D.C.
  • Super Bowl XLIV, Miami
  • 29Rooms, NYC
  • Artron Art Museum, Shenzhen
  • Powerlong Museum, Shanghai

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