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Natasha Tomchin

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Certificate of authenticity available with the purchase The Dichroic Defender is the latest capsule piece from artist Natasha Tomchin’s Digital Dreamscape workshop. Designed in response to the current lingering world pandemic, this limited edition face shield is built to keep the wearer safe, look stunning and designed to last. The Dichroic Defender is available in two colors of translucent, durable, scratch-resistant, lightweight, flexible and fashionable high-performance polyester (PET) Dichroic film laminated to .003″ clear PETG sheet laser cut shield that has a screw mounted black PVC structure with foam at the forehead and a Velcro strap to easily fit all head shapes and sizes. The Dichroic Defender is 100% designed and fabricated in Miami with 0% import from outside of the United States, supporting local and small businesses. The Dichroic Defender can be worn with a mask for added protection especially in a crowded places and aboard trains, planes, and automobiles. Once the world reopens including large gatherings, concerts, festivals, etc, this shield is A MUST! Tomchin had daily functionality in mind while designing to make sure to leave space for around the ears for wearing headphones or taking phone calls.

Dichroic Film PET face shield

13 x 9