The Most Interesting personalized supplement treats for healthier, happier dogs.

New people? Vacuums? Lightening? Life can get stressful for our anxious dogs. Thankfully, our anxiety pack of 4 daily treats helps calm nervous pups with natural, gentle ingredients fit for daily support and relaxation. Our Vet-formulated pack of naturally calming treats for dogs eases stress without sedating them.

✔️ 30 Vet-approved vitamin packs
✔️ Peanut-butter flavored
✔️ Pause or cancel anytime 

What's Inside? 

L-Theanine Reduces signs of chronic stress while supporting your pup daily through natural relaxation. 

Magnesium An essential mineral that supports your pup's overall well being and produces a natural calming effect. 

Hemp + A blend of hemp and curcumin to tame stress and inflammation throughout the body. Hemp Meal, Hemp Seed, Turmeric, Black Pepper

Happy Belly Health starts in the gut! Pre + Probiotics come together to support a healthy digestive system and tame inflammation.
Probiotics, Prebiotics, Ginger, Slippery Elm Bark