Mahima Kapoor

My practice is in the realm of being free and boundless. The work invites the viewers to interact with the space around them, looking from a viewing distance but also very up close. Art as a language allows everyone to speak differently and that is how the work must be perceived, infinitely and boundlessly.
“I believe that the alchemy of time, and working along with the given space, my process gives me in infinite capacity, scope for transformation and imagination”
  • 2020
  • This project urged me to focus on the lack of or the abundance of connections I have felt during the lockdown. I have mounted on a piece of board, meticulously hand-drawn and painted lines using watercolor.
  • This size of these intimate works is similar to that of an original ‘carte de visite’ that was patented in Paris by photographer Andre Adolphe Eugene Disderi in 1854.
Water colour on paper, 5in x 7in each

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