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Michele Kishita

"Confluence I, #35" 13" x 19"

Live Demo


Limited edition 2/10


Confluence is the artist's experiential response to the visual complexities of St. Petersburg: the rivers and waterways that have carved passages throughout the city and the many electrical and phone wires that crisscross the sky.

Physically they facilitate transportation and trade and link one building to another but are also representative of the coming together of people and ideas both locally and abroad. This work was created in layers, compressing several ideas into one moving work and several print images that explore waterways, architecture, connections, and (of course as a foreigner) both her admiration of and discomfort in a place so very different from her own.

Confluence is a collaboration with the artist's friend, Russian musician, Pavel Meskhiev (Norkus) who, through his own understanding and depiction of St.Petersburg, created the soundscape for the video.

Digital drawing printed on fine art paper

Image: 10 x 13 5/8 in.

Paper size: 13" x 19"