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Hello, glow! All the essentials for the perfect at-home glow are right at your fingertips with our Complete Bronzing Bundle — from the preppers to the products that will take you right over the self-tanning finish line! This 7-piece bundle includes both our Bronzing Mousse and Bronzing Mist, so you get to choose how you’ll be made in the faux-glow shade … whether you’re about to leave on your beach vacay, or want to look like you just came back from one.

Bronzing Mousse
Build a tan in no time! Ideal for immediate color and a bronze that’ll last all week. Place 3-4 pumps onto Self-Tanning Application Mitt and apply in circular motion until evenly dispersed without streaks. Wait at least 8 hours before showering.

Bronzing Mist
The perfect cosmetic bronzer for any skin tone. Use our self-tanning spray on your face or your entire body. Hold 5-6 inches away from your skin. Mist in circular motions for even application. Wait at least 8 hours before showering.

Self-Tanning Application Mitt
Get flawless results with this soft, spongey, easy-to-use and water-resistant mitt! Prevents hands from being stained and helps to evenly distribute sunless tanners. Place product on mitt and apply with circular motions.

Prep Soap
First step: Prep! Handcrafted in small batches and specifically created to enhance sugaring and sunless tanning with its natural exfoliating elements, like straight-from-nature jojoba meal and activated charcoal.

Exfoliating Mitt
Exfoliating is important between sunless tanning sessions. Place on hand and gently scrub the entire body in circular motions. Best used with the S+B Body Scrub. 

Body Scrub
Polish and prepare skin for sunless tanning with this non-abrasive, 100% Vegan exfoliating body wash. Paraben-free and made from naturally derived ingredients like soothing aloe vera and calendula. Suitable for all skin tones and types. Use weekly in the bath or shower.

Tan Extender (3 oz.)
Our hydrating daily moisturizer with a hint of tanning ingredients to help build and maintain your just-off-the-beach tan! Works in two ways: by hydrating the skin, which slows down the natural exfoliation process and prolongs an airbrush tan, and by using DHA to replace the tan that is slowly fading. Ideal for all skin tones. Apply an even layer on clean skin and blend with Self-Tanning Application Mitt. Wait 8-10 minutes before dressing.

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