Coffee Charcoal Studies

Rosaura Rodriguez


Rosaura Rodríguez is an artist and educator, working on illustration, comics and objects in which handcrafted, artisanal traditions coincide with contemporary practices. Her work intends to reveal both the crudeness of daily life and the idyllic face of nature. She is currently researching tropical and Puerto Rican sources of color in nature, by creating natural watercolors, inks and dyes and connecting this with our history and context.

  • 2019

  • Coffee Charcoal studies created with handmade coffee charcoal watercolor that I harvested, toasted and processed from coffee (Coffeea arabiga) in the farm I live and work at. Inspired by graphic narratives and abstract comics.

Handmade coffee charcoal watercolor on arches paper, 8.5" x 6.25"

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