Champ de Fleurs

Twiggy Boyer

Memories are recollections of the past, a collection of fleeting moments ingrained within us forever. My work seeks to explore how our own memories are often parallel to another person's. I believe that we have all shared the same sort of memory as someone elses from a different perspective. My pieces aim to bring a sense of connection to one another through filters of culture, traditions, and time often using found photographs, collage and drawing elements. I want to bring the viewer a visual experience and encourage an emotional response-- borrowing aspects from the memory of others; I mold them into my own and aim to create new ones for others to borrow from
  • 2020
  • Signed
  • Twiggy Boyer is a mixed media collage artist and mother who's work explores themes of memory and connections. Her works often use vintage found photographs thrifted or purchased online, drawing and painting elements combined together

Mixed Media Collage on Panel- Collage materials, acrylic paint, graphite, colored pencils, markers, 12" x 16" x 1"

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