Camo Pattern #4

Mimi Bai

Mission_Female Founded
Mimi Bai creates a highly-coded, deeply personal iconography that repeats and evolves throughout across different mediums. She translates family photographs and ink drawings into patterns, which are then combined to create her own camouflage. One such image she uses repeatedly in her work is her “grandpa’s tooth” pattern, an abstracted rendering of Bai's grandfather’s mouth with only one tooth left. By layering and repeating this imagery across mediums, she reveals and obscures meanings simultaneously. This contradiction mirrors the paradoxical processes of assimilation: translation and obfuscation, loss and creation
  • 2018
  • Signed
  • Unique Print
  • "My current body of work uses camouflage and ghosts as metaphors for assimilation. Through the accumulation of individual marks, stitches, and clay forms, I materialize the innumerable instances of concealment and adaptation—camouflage—that define my lived experience of assimilation."
  • "My interdisciplinary practice analyzes sociopolitical and cultural forces through the lens of my own history and employs labor-intensive, physical processes to transmute these insights into visual media. Camouflage is a strategy for survival concerned with ways of seeing and of being visible, invisible, or hyper-visible. Like assimilation, camouflage requires both an awareness of one’s environment as well as how one is perceived within it"

Silkscreen on paper, 24" x 18" 

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