Camilo Rojas 'CR-eate'


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Camilo Rojas's multidisciplinary experience allows him to blur the lines between traditional graphic design, typography, art, and experiential design, resulting in unique projects and experiences. Words and letters are the essence of his work, used in a visual medium and as an art form.

Rojas's work is characterized by a whimsical and meticulous reappropriation of everyday materials. The subject of each body of work determines the materials and the form. Found objects, neon, wood, syringes, clothing tags, nails, Swarovski crystals, ice, french fries, wine corks, condoms, mattresses, and cigarettes are some of the materials used. The pieces inspire, motivate, incite reflection, enlighten, convey powerful statements, and start a conversation.

Light-emitting diodes, electric wire, Aluminum, acrylic panels, steel hardware, bespoke circuit

90” x 33”