Breath-of-Fresh-Air Mystery Box



Breath-of-Fresh-Air Mystery Box - Low to Medium Light is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.


The most interesting greenery, reconnecting people with nature, one houseplant at a time.

All bundles come with a bonus air plant!

Bottles of hand sanitizer are scarce, Vitamin D even scarcer (grammar!), but a mystery bundle of four small plants (4" nursery pot diameter) guaranteed to give you a breath of fresh air is abundant. Each box is curated to suit your lighting needs. If you're itching to brighten up your space and keep you sane during a shut-in, this is the box for you. Care instructions included in each box.

Low Maintenance:Lower maintenance than your cat, dog, and/or roommate.

Beginners:Great for people quarantined in their homes.

Gifts:Even greater for gifting to other quarantined friends.

Free shipping within Continental US.

Returns Policy: Rooted does not accept returns for plants. If your plant or planter comes damaged, send a note ASAP along with pictures of the damage to Rooted does accept returns of unused accessories and merchandise. Email at with your order number and we’ll figure out the details. 

Please note that Rooted has a 14-day policy on all returns and damaged goods.

Refund Policy: Rooted guarantees healthy plants on arrival. If they're significantly damaged or die within 14 days of arrival, they will replace them—no questions asked. Send photos to and they’ll get you sorted.