Rachelle Dang


Rachelle Dang creates works that span cross-cultural, transoceanic histories. She builds, transforms, and interprets objects from the past and from the natural world to examine historical and ecological connections between places, people, and things. She is concerned with intertwined vulnerabilities: environment, body, and material.

  • 2019

  • Original unique work

  • Signed

  • The breadfruit sculptures are an extension of Rachelle Dang’s larger installation work, and engage with overlapping histories connecting the Pacific and the Caribbean, particularly environmental diasporas, colonial trade routes, and migration. The breadfruits appear at different stages of ripeness and decay, alluding to cycles of regeneration, fragile environments, and perilous ocean journeys. Dang employs a hybrid sculpture process to create the breadfruit forms, and each is unique: she sculpts each by hand within a textural mold, and applies multiple layers of glaze with a gestural and painterly application.

Glazed ceramic,  5 w x 4 1/2 d x 5 1/2 h

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