Sheena Rose (b.1985) is a visual artist who works in Barbados. Sheena is a Fulbright Scholar and holds an MFA in Studio Art from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. Sheena has a multi-disciplinary practice such as paintings, drawings, performance art, new media, public art, and mixed media, Sheena has exhibited internationally.


Sheena has been a participant in Biennials, Museums, Galleries, Art Fairs, Festivals, Auction, international artist’s residencies, and Art Collections. 

Sheena has been featured in many media, newspapers, and magazines, book covers such as The New York Times, Travel & Leisure Magazine, Vogue, Hospitality Design, White Wall, Wetranfer, Black Futures, Fox Television Empire Season 6, The Star Side of Bird Hill written by Naomi Jackson.

In 2019, She created a two-story mural at the Inter- American Development Bank Headquarters in Washington DC. Sheena also created nine feet tall women mural for an exhibition called "The Other Side of Now" in the Perez Art Museum Miami.

Sheena officially started her company called Sheena Rose Inc. and won the DSM Public Art Foundation commission to design 7 bus shelters in 6th Avenue Corridor, Iowa USA, and many other art projects to develop shortly. In 2020, Sheena was one of the recipients of the Greensboro School of Art Distinguished Alumni award.





COVID19’s invasion has forced us all globally to alter our daily routines and life drastically. It has affected the economy, business, political and social infrastructures and has revealed varying levels of leadership. In addition to all this, the discovery of me being diagnosed with an autoimmune disease: Lupus, which causes the body to attack itself means that I have been categorized as high-risk during this Pandemic.

Within the sudden lockdown, I turned to books and podcasts, took swimming lessons, started meditating, and picked up gardening. The Pandemic has given me the time to reflect, reject, and respond to this space. I have learned so much about myself and decided to incorporate my journey through the unpredictable nature of Lupus into my work...imagining Lupus as a space that the Beings are living in and in which they must respond.

My journey through Lupus has shaped and navigated my art in new directions and dimensions, further pushing me to discover more about myself. I am understanding and embracing myself as a humanist, artist, activist, feminist, and lupus warrior. As a Black Caribbean woman from Barbados, I am both questioning and stating my identity, race, gender, and sexuality openly. Pen and ink drawings with watercolor washes on acid-free watercolor paper and acrylic paints on canvas. I am looking for a narrative which is mirroring the bizarre world we are currently living in.

The Pandemic has revealed so much about our human condition. It is a restructuring and acknowledging of the structural positions of race, class, gender, sexuality, and social space. These times have shown me the importance of healing, understanding, and accepting oneself. It has greatly taught me about the appreciation for and delicacy of life, Self Care, and Self Love.



Educational Experience

The University of North Carolina at Greensboro, Masters of Fine Arts in Studio Arts, May 2016

The Barbados Community College, Bachelor Degree of Fine Arts, November 2008

The Barbados Community College, Associate Degree of Visual Arts, November 2005


Recipients of the Greensboro School of Art Distinguished Alumni award, October 2020

Funded by the National Cultural Foundation for solo show located in Barbados, September 2020

Fulbright Scholarship, August 2014

Barbados Arts and Sports Funds, May 2012

Funded by the Government to participate in the Havana Biennial located in Cuba.

The Prince Claus Foundation, June 2011

Funded to participate in an artist’s residency at Tembe Art Studio located in Moengo, Suriname.

The Sixth Carmichael Prize Award, December 2011 

The Carmichael Prize Award is an annual art exhibition in tribute to Dr. Trevor Carmichael who supports the arts in Barbados.

Lesley’s Legacy Foundation grant, December 2010

First Artist in Barbados, to be funded by the Lesley’s Legacy Foundation. It is an organization

that supports the arts in Barbados. 

Triangle Art Trusts travel grant, Triangle Art Trust, May 2010

Given a grant from the Triangle Art Trust to participate in an artist’s residency in Cape Town, SA.

National Cultural Funds travel grant, November 2009,

Funded to participate in an exhibition in Connecticut, U.S.A 

United Nation Development Plan travel grant, July 2009

 Funded to participate in a motivation speech in Antiqua for the United Nations Development Plan.

Solo Exhibitions


"Pause and Breathe, We Got This" Weatherspoon Art Museum, Greensboro, North Carolina


"Lampoon, Quick Sand, Dance With Me" Caribbean Market Centre, Barbados


"Gravity Waves" Connect Gallery, Chicago, USA


"Island Monster Performance" Barbados Tourism Marketing, MoCADA, New York, USA

"Island and Monster Performance" ICF, Royal Academy of Arts, London


“#BabyPink” EBCCI, University of the West Indies, Barbados

“This Strange Land…” Sumter County Gallery of Art, South Carolina, USA


“Black Obeah” Third Horizon Film Festival, Miami, USA


 “A bit of Gossip, A bit of Privacy,” Barbados


“Town to Town,” CMAC, Martinique


'Town to Town,” Barbados Community College, Barbados

Group Exhibitions


Prizm Art Fair

"Drawing the Ghost" Koplin Del Rio, USA


"The Other Side of Now" Perez Art Museum Miami, USA


Berlin Biennale, Berlin, Germany

Sculpture Park, Art Omi, New York, USA


"5th Edition of Prizm Art Fair" Prizm Art Fair, Miami

" Expanded Caribbean" Pearlstein Gallery, Philadelphia, USA

"My Home is not your backyard" Corridor Gallery, Rush Philanthropic Arts Foundation, New York, USA

"Quick Sand Performance" Cafa Art Fair and Rush Philanthropic Arts Foundation, Barbados


Rush Philanthropic Arts Foundation Auction - Art for Life, Miami, USA


Prizm Art Fair, Miami, USA

“Their Way” Millitzer, Saint Louis, USA


“Bird Story” Alice Yard 10th anniversary, Alice Yard, Trinidad


“Model Migration” Residency Art Gallery, LA, USA

“From the Fringe” A.I.R Gallery, New York, USA


“Curating the International Diaspora” The Asia Culture Center Gwangju, Gwangju Biennial, South Korea


“Quaternary: Four Barbadian Female Artists” NuEdge Gallery Fine Arts Ltd, Barbados

“MoCADA Second Annual Masquerade Ball” MoCADA, New York, USA


“UNCG MFA Thesis Exhibition” Weatherspoon Museum, NC, USA

“Digital” National Gallery of Jamaica, Jamaica


“Mother Goddess” Meta, Opa- Locka, Miami


 “Afropolis in the Gardens” Art Basel, Miami

“ Venice Agenda: The Right to Fail” Turner Contemporary Gallery, Waugh Office, UK 

“ I Luv Africa” Film Festival, Ghana

“ Bienviendios al Centro Historico de Asuncion,” Paraguay

“Moengo Festival” Moengo, Suriname

“Target First Saturday” Brooklyn Museum, New York

“RWUL Film Academy,” Ispace, Ghana

“This Strange Land…” UNCG, North Carolina

“Divinity Revealed” African Heritage Cultural Arts Center, Miami

“Vision Quest” MoCADA, Brooklyn, New York


 “Jamaica Biennial” National Art Gallery of Jamaica, Jamaica

“Confluence: Shifting perspective of the Caribbean” public spaces such as Mall and Train Stations, Canada 

“Flow, Economies of the look and creativity in contemporary art from the Caribbean” Washington, DC



“Free!” CBK Gallery, CBK Amsterdam, Holland, 

A collaborative drawing exhibition, with Raquel Van Haver at the CBK Gallery

"Panama Biennial Del Sur”, Panama,

Exhibited in Panama’s first biennial located in the south of Panama


11th Havana Biennial” Havana Biennial, Havana, Cuba, 

Exhibited, in one of the largest art exhibitions in the Caribbean, which happens every two years.

“Caribbean Crossroads,” Queens Museum, New York, 

Exhibited in one of the largest Caribbean Art shows in the USA between three museums; Queens Museum, Studio Museum of Harlem, and El Museo del Barrio

Into the Mix” Kentucky Museum of Art & Craft, Louisville, Kentucky, USA

A Contemporary Caribbean Art Exhibition in the Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft, curated by Christopher Cozier

Who’s More Sci-fi than us?” Uitnodiging, Holland, 

Exhibited in a Contemporary Caribbean Art exhibition located in Utinodiging curated by Nancy Hoffman

“Muesra de Videoarte Caribeno” Museo de Arte Contemporaneo de Puerto, San Juan, Puerto Rico 

“Yosoyelotro Caribe” ACIA, Madrid, Spain, 

A contemporary Caribbean exhibition organized by the ACIA


 “Wrestling with the Image” Art Museum of the Americas, Washington D.C,

 curated by Christopher Cozier

“Billboards” Moengo, Tembe Art Studio, Suriname, 


 4X4, Alice Yard fourth Anniversary” Alice Yard, Trinidad

MAD Art moments” IArt Gallery, Cape Town, South Africa, 


“Rockstone and Bootheel”, Real Art Ways, Hartford, Connecticut, USA

curated by Yona Backer and Kristina Newman-Scott

“Black Diaspora Visual Art”, Public art project, Bridgetown, Barbados, 

Artist’s Residencies



The Hermitage Artist's Retreat, USA        

The Betsy, Diaspora Vibe and Fountain Head, Miami, USA


The Hermitage Artist’s Retreat, Florida, USA


Art Omi, Ghent, New York, US

IS 183 Art School of Berkshires, Pittsfield, Massachusetts, USA

OAZO-AIR, Amsterdam, Netherlands


Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft, Kentucky, USA


Tembe Art Studio, Moengo, Suriname, 


Greatmore Art Studio, Cape Town, South Africa, 


Alice Yard, Trinidad, 



"Island and Monster" Black Ogun, The Fundraising Show, Barbados

"The Astronaut" The Astrologer Who Fell Into A Well, Waugh Office, Manpuku-ji Temple, Osaka, Japan

Open House, Fountain Head, Miami, USA

"Island and Monster" New Waves, Port of Spain, Trinidad

"The Black Lagoon" Art Omi Sculpture Park, Ghent, NY, USA


"Island Monster Performance" Barbados Tourism Marketing, MoCADA, New York, USA

"Island and Monster Performance" ICF, Royal Academy of Arts, London


"Duppy Love" ICF and Waugh Office, Gwangju Biennial, South Korea


"FinallyILoveMyself" Instagram, Social Media

“ Venice Agenda: The Right to Fail” Turner Contemporary Gallery, Waugh Office, UK

“A bit of Gossip, A bit of Privacy,” Barbados, July 


Sweet Gossip, Collaboration with Adrian Richards and Natalie McGuire, Bridgetown, Barbados



" Art for Life" Rush Philanthropic Arts Foundation Gala, New York, USA

"My Collection" MoCADA, New York, USA


MoCADA Second Annual Masquerade Ball” MoCADA, New York, USA


"Art for Life", Rush Philanthropic Arts Foundation Auction, Miami, USA

This piece is about literation. I was very curious about layers, texture, and form and decided to play around with them onto the figure.

Year: 2019





Pen and Ink on Acid Free Paper

9 inches x 12 inches

Free shipping within Continental US. There are no refunds. If the work arrives damaged or not as advertised the collector will be offered the option to exchange for a work of equal value or store credit for the full amount.

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