Blood Prints: Horns of Consecration

Ron Athey

Los Angeles based artist know for creating 40 years of multi-media performance art, I have included both body based practice with a focus on esoterica. 

  • 2018
  • Signed
  • Edition of 50
  • 10 available
  • 50 archival paper prints applied from a cutting on my chest.
  • For the occasion of a MOCA-Tucson performance at the Biosphere 2 location, Cyclic was a performance collaboration with Cassils and Fanaa. For the occasion of Cyclic and to commemorate that the performance date was World AIDS Day 2018, I reimagined "The Human Printing Press" from 1994, this time on my own body to determine this blood is still HIV+ (since 1986!). I chose the pattern "horns of consecration" the symbol of the Minotaur from Crete, cut over my oldest tattoo, a sacred heart over my sternum

Blood on paper, 7.5 x 11

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