Black Hole Soul

Justin Sterling


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Justin Sterling (b. 1992) born and raised in Houston, Texas. Now based in New York City, Sterling is a visual-based artist and trumpet player that began his practice as a figurative painter and sculptor. He has a MA in interdisciplinary Fine Arts from Parsons, with his chosen medium is the "city" or "built environment" that he appropriates to create poetic storytelling and a relationship with the urban and domestic, which in turn becomes a catalyst for social, political, and environmental discourse. Much of the visual language used in Sterlings work comes from his own experiences as a black man from the American South growing up in hurricane alley as well as influences from the Mississippi river, the history and styles of jazz, Caribbean and Creole culture, as well as the criminal justice system. Much of the research he continually does is related to the history of colonialism, indigeneity, and the ideologies that the West has forced upon the rest of the world. Sterling's goal is to take this colonial history and the strings that pulled towards total globalization and use them to re-stitch narratives for an increasingly dystopian present so that we can find new ways of decolonizing and understanding and visualizing prospective futures.


  • 2019
  • There is a negative silhouette of a figure around the black of the work
  • Created with found objects, including a window, tape, insulation foam, and caulking. 
  • On view at SHOWFIELDS NY Location. 

Window and mixed media, 41" x 33"

  • 2020  MoMA PS1, Marking Time: Art In The Age of Mass Incarceration, Queens, New York
  • 2020  Cathouse Proper, Orange Chapel: Solo Exhibition, Brooklyn, New York
  • 2019  Parsons School for Design, In The Historical Present: Trumpet Performance, New York, NY
  • 2019  The Old Stone House, No More Water: Duo Exhibition w/ Tahir Carl Karmali, Brooklyn, NY
  • 2019  The Olympia Project, Broken Windows: Solo Exhibition, Williamsburg, Brooklyn
  • 2019  CampoBase LPS, Curatorial Fundraiser, Group Exhibition, Turin, Italy
  • 2019  1980 Performance Space, Black Power Naps, Trumpet Performance, East Village, New York
  • 2018  Panopoly Performance Lab, Duo Performance w/ Ayana Evans, Williamsburg, New York
  • 2018  Highline Park, Elia Alba’s Supper Club: Intimacy, Chelsea, New York  
  • 2018  Foley Gallery, American Australian Association, Group Exhibition, Lower East Side, New York
  • 2018  François Schneider Foundation, Contemporary Talents 7th Edition, Finalist, Wattwiller, France
  • 2018  Pfizer Building, Bric-a-Brac: Group Exhibition, Brooklyn, New York 
  • 2018  Pfizer Building, Re: Art Show, Group Exhibition, Brooklyn, New York
  • 2018  Project 308 Gallery, How To Be A Respectable Junkie: Group Exhibition, Buffalo, New York
  • 2018  SUNY Geneseo, Addiction: Art and Photography, Group Exhibition, Geneseo, New York 
  • 2018  Freight Gallery, Images of Power: Solo Exhibition, San Antonio, Texas
  • 2017  Eric Firestone Gallery, ArtCritical Benefit: Group Exhibition, NoHo, New York
  • 2017  Axom Gallery, Addiction: Art and Photography: Group Exhibition, Rochester, New York
  • 2017  BRIC, OPEN (C)ALL TRUTH: Group Exhibition, Downtown Brooklyn, New York 
  • 2017  University of Rochester, Addiction: Art and Photography, Group Exhibition, Rochester, New York
  • 2017  Our Neon Foe Gallery, A Growing Boy Needs His Lunch, Solo Exhibition, Sydney, Australia
  • 2017  Westbeth Gallery, Second Nature: Group Exhibition, West Village, New York
  • 2017  15 Orchard Gallery, Wait What? Yes. Collective, Group Exhibition, Lower East Side, New York
  • 2016  Gold Wing Gallery, The Choices We Make, Group Exhibition, Washington Heights, New York
  • 2016  25E 13th Gallery, Two By Two, Group Exhibition, Greenwich Village, New York
  • 2016  Castle FitzJohns Gallery, Group Exhibition, Lower East Side, New York
  • 2015  UT: San Antonio Gallery, Berlin Wall Exhibition, Group Exhibition, San Antonio, Texas
  • 2014  LaBelle Gallerie, Group Exhibition, New Orleans, Louisiana
  • 2014  Underground Artist Collective, Group Exhibition, San Antonio, Texas
  • 2013  University of Texas at San Antonio Spring 13’ Student Exhibition, San Antonio, Texas
Grants and Opportunities:
  • 2017   Joan Sutherland Fund Grant, Research History, Colonialism (Indigenous), Sydney, Australia
  • 2017   Parsons Travel Grant, Research History, Colonialism (Aristocracy), London, England
  • 2015   University of Texas San Antonio, Research History, Berlin Study Abroad, Berlin and Istanbul
  • 2014   Urbino University Study Abroad Program sponsored by UTSA, 24 cities in Italy
  • (including Paris, Amsterdam, and Ghent)
Past Residencies:
  • 2014  University of Urbino, COLFA Artist-in-residence, (3-months), Urbino, Italy
  • 2017  Carriageworks with Tony Albert (2-months), Sydney, Australia
  • 2019  CampoBase: Symposium w/ Ginevra Ludovici (10-days) Turin, Rome, and Venice, Italy
  • ArtForum -Justin Sterling: Orange Chapel by Jeffrey Kastner (solo show)
  • PBS - NYC ARTS Choice: MoMA PS1, “Marking Time” Feature (group show)
  • ArtCritical - Justin Sterling: Orange Chapel by David Cohen (solo show)
  • Made in Mind Magazine - Interview with Ginevra Ludovici, print (front cover in Milan)
  • Hyperallergic - The Layered Metaphors of Broken Windows by Seph Rodney (solo show)
  • LivingLifeFearless (LLF) - Justin Sterling: “Broken Windows” | The Olympia Project (solo performance)
  • Bklyner - No More Water: Artists Explore Injustice, Displacement, And Climate Change (duo show)
  • Rochester City Newspaper - ‘NARTCAN’ addresses the pain and oblivion of addiction by Rebecca Rafferty (group show)
  • - The Threshold of Perception: Ad Reinhardt’s Blue Paintings
  • - Between the Ancestors and the Living: Nari Ward at New Museum

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