Biological Controls (Fragment)

Phaan Howng

Phaan Howng is a Baltimore-based multidisciplinary artist focused on exploring the production of landscape through large-scale landscape painting, sculptures, installations, and performance. Guided by philosophical, anthropological, and socio-political thinking, Howng’s immersive environments are a response to the toxic extractive practices of global capitalism that hinder environmentally and socially just landscapes. Her work attempts to deconstruct man’s presumed power over nature by focusing on the geopolitics of displaced plant life and questioning the labor and management that result from processing nature as a product.

  • 2016
  • Signed
  • Original work on paper
  • This is an experimental painting to help inform the artist's installation, Biological Controls: If It Bleeds We Can Kill It in 2016.
  • This installation was Howng's first major exploration into creating immersive, hand-painted on paper, camouflage-inspired environments to represent the dichotomy and interdependence man has with nature. The title of the exhibit comes from a chapter in Gordon Rattray Taylor's book The Doomsday Book merged with the line "if it bleeds, we can kill it" from the movie "The Predator." To the artist, the movie "The Predator" served as an analogy to how easily man can completely dismantle the landscape in order to engage in acts of violence but also utilize the landscape to their advantage to camouflage themselves for protection and/or to play against each other. Ultimately, the Predator uses technology as a weapon while Arnold Schwarzenegger (Dutch) uses natural elements as a weapon to conceal himself, enabling him to defeat the Predator. Please note that due to the work’s experimental nature, there may be imperfections intended by the artist, such as imperfect edges of the paper, etc

Acrylic gouache and spray paint on paper, 18" x 17"

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