Bathroom Starter Set (White Box) – Arancia


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The Most Interesting post-flush air freshener tablets for the bathroom.

Introducing POTTYMINTS: Post-Flush Air Freshener Tablets for the Bathroom

All the freshness of an oil diffuser… in our tiny tablets! (No Bamboo Sticks Required)

Arancia: A sensual scent that combines fresh citrus notes of juicy nectarine and orange blossom with hints of water lily and caramel 

The Bathroom Starter Set - Arancia comes with: 

  • 1 x White Display Box with 22 individually wrapped Arancia POTTYMINTS
  • 1 x Arancia 40 Ct. Box with 40 individually wrapped Arancia POTTYMINTS
  •   Fragrance Will Last Approx. 2-3 Flushes
  •   Non-Toxic
  •   Spill free
  •   Dissolves Clearly
  •   Septic Safe
  •   Safe for Pets
  •   Made in USA

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