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Birdsnest Snake Plant 'Black Star'
Sansevieria trifasciata 'Hahnii'

Sure, his taller cousins have a few inches on him, but he's got more spunk and personality with the same level of invincibility. He's easy-growing, does well in low light, and barely drinks. If you're looking for a cheap and fun date, this is your guy.

Sunlight:Low to bright, indirect light and even some direct sun.

Water:Once every 2-3 weeks and likes to dry out completely.

Pets:Toxic to pets if consumed. Sorry Max.

Size:About 7" tall and a pot size of 4".

Easy:So low maintenance it's borderline neglect.

Pro-tip: Susceptible to root rot, so make sure soil is dry by fingering the soil 2" deep before watering.

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