Sean Noyce

In Sean Noyce’s new media series, void Sigil( ), the artist has forged a relationship with the magical artifacts of Western antiquity and the coding language used to write apps and web technology. The title refers to common syntax used in programming (void) and the symbolic representation of a witches’ desired outcome (sigil).

"My work is an exploration of alternatives to capitalism and industrialization that have roots in pre-Christian mysticism. Works from void Sigil ( ) represent a yearning for a connection with the planet in a way that honors the traditions of the past with technology and progressive goals for the future.”
  • 2019
  • Subjects in Noyce’s paintings are rendered by a computer using code that is written like a digital spellbook, leaving an iterative artifact from that program. Repetition of language and image further reinforces the paintings’ magical properties, which is central to the process of casting a spell. Noyce’s work utilizes conventions common with numerous shamanistic practices, including the ritualistic altar, the use of candle magick, ancestral worship, and spirit conjuring.

Acrylic, serigraph, and custom code on wood, 10 x 10 inches

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