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The Most Interesting modern luxury home décor featuring a collection of vibes.

Do you ask for “small chops” when you want appetizers to accompany your drinks? Do you refer to your closest male friends as “Chief”, “Oga”, “Chale”, or “Chairman”? Do you primarily eat foods that are defined by alliteration like “puff puff”, “chin chin”, “do do”, and “fu fu”?

….then Sir/Madam this game is for YOU!

It’s a classic game with a Kultural twist! Loud talking & debates, laughing until your bele pains you! The word guessing game for only the most “Kultured”! Race against the timer to give your Village (Teammates) the best description clues possible. But don’t say the words on the card, or the bell will sound. Ready for some INDESCRIBABLE enjoyment!? Time to settle the debate amongst your friends… ARE YOU KULTURED?

Included in the box:

  • 250 cards with words/clues on each side

  • 500 guessing words in total

  • Wooden Sand Timer

  • African hand bell (Buzzer)

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