And in the same breath...

Leandra Leseur


LeAndra LeSeur's work explores black identity informed by the effects of regulated systems of oppression. The foundation of her evolving practice is centered around the healing nature within absence and the gestural language created through repetitive actions. Through visual media, installation, and performance, LeSeur's hope is to reclaim and dismantle stereotypes surrounding black identity through the reworking of conventional art forms and mundane objects - ultimately reshaping the context of spaces where the lives of the oppressed are silenced and celebrated in the same breath.

  • 2020

  • Signed

  • Edition 1 of 10

  • "And in the same breath..." explores the agency black women hold over their own existence and the fight we make in continuously uplifting our own voices. As an artist who primarily works within video, I am continuously thinking about the ways in which we intake an image, whether moving or static, accompanied by language. Over the past six years, we’ve seen an influx of shared content exposing the violence inflicted on black bodies. These videos have become so incessant and pervasive that it has made me question my own existence as a black queer woman amidst this struggle.

  • In each instance, I’ve noticed how overwhelming language can become after experiencing an act of violence. In an attempt to get back to a place of healing and self love, I’ve had to embrace silence, and allow my thoughts to be present and fully honored. From this silence, I’ve created new language that has allowed me to speak—directly from the heart and freely without any concern or fear of judgement.

Inkjet and Archival Ink on Linen Paper,  11" x 8.5"

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