American Circus

Federico Solmi

Solmi uses his art as a vehicle to stimulate a visceral conversation with his audience, highlighting the contradictions and fallibility that characterize our time. Through his work, Solmi examines unconscious human impulses and desires in order to critique Western society's obsession with individual success and display contemporary relationships between nationalism, colonialism, religion, consumerism
  • Limited Edition of 50
  • Hand signed limited edition prints from Federico Solmi's American Circus multi-channel video Installation created for New York Times Square Midnight Moment on July, 2019 American Circus is a maximalist portrait of Times Square as an eternal carnival, filled with food stands, whirling amusement rides, American flags, fireworks, an absurd collection of iconic world landmarks, and signs advertising “EVERYTHING 99¢ OR LESS.” A cheering crowd seems to revel in a continuous spectacle of entertainment, consumption, and nationalism.

22 x 28 in,  Archival pigment giclée on 100 % cotton acid free Epson cold press bright paper

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