A Rose In Harlem

Na'ye Perez


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Na'ye Perez is a Brooklyn based interdisciplinary artist. Pulling from his experiences growing up in Columbus, Ohio, LA and Camden, NJ as well New York.
My practice is a type of remixing, similar to how a sound engineer or producer would sample hooks, beats or choruses to create new music. However, instead I collage materials such as Backwoods, Swishers Sweets, magazines, historical archives, and personal memorabilia in conjunction with symbols, colors, and patterns to framework my art.
  • 2020
  • Signed
  • Always embrace care This work comes from series of drawings, focusing in a moment of intimacy, and acts of care within black community, whether it among fathers, siblings friends. A simple yet elegant moment highlights our resilience through act of embrace.

Acrylic, Spray Paint, news print, gel transfers, H 36in x W 24in

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