A Quiet Moment

Roff Smith


Roff Smith has spent a career in journalism trotting the globe for one magazine or another, but now, in the age of Covid, Smith finds himself grounded for the first time in his life. With international travel off the menu for the foreseeable future Smith has been exploring the notion of traveling at home, and finding a new appreciation of his familiar old surroundings.To create the images in his Journeys From My Doorstep project Smith is out on road at 3am and carry’s everything on his bicycle. All the images are taken within a ten mile radius from his home, and he is the model and photographer in all of them. Although Smith is the cyclist in the images, these photographs are emphatically not about him. He takes pains to anonymize himself as much as possible, so that these images represent A Cyclist on the landscape – anybody; you, perhaps

  • 2020

  • An image of a cyclist consulting a map in an old Edwardian shelter on the English seaside in the low light before dawn. 

  • "I’ve long been a fan of Edward Hopper and his portrayals of solitude, insularity, pensiveness and the sort of bittersweet after-hours melancholy that characterises much of his work – all themes that play well with today’s world of social distancing and isolation. But there is a hidden resilience in his characters too, that often goes unremarked. In this ornate Edwardian shelter along the seafront promenade at Bexhill-on-Sea, I saw a chance to capture some of this resilience in a quintessentially Hopperesque setting and style. Here, the solitary cyclist is facing the sun, consulting a map, making plans, envisioning a future, and with the means at hand to take himself there, make it happen. To create this image I visited the shelter repeatedly over a succession of mornings, photographing it from different angles, then waited for a morning of soft diffused light. In keeping with the tone of the image, and to make sure the paper colour of the map didn’t conflict in any way, I used an original 1919 motoring and cycling map of southern England." 

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