A Portrait in Quarantine

Sam Modder


Sam Modder’s art tells stories—stories of people who know who they are, and take pride in that knowledge. They are aspirational self-portraits, standing out in the world, but comfortable taking up space. In fact, they demand it, expanding in scale and centrality until they overwhelm the very borders of the piece. As you look at them, they gaze directly back, demanding to be seen, not as you have been told, but as they say they are

  • 2020

  • Signed

  • This piece presents humankind’s knowledge of alchemy. On a material level, alchemists tried to combine base and opposing elements of light and dark and transmute them into gold, but the study of alchemy also has a spiritual component, where the procedure, also known as the Great Work, is a metaphor for the development of the soul.

Ballpoint pen,  27 3/4 " x 28"

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