Lizania Cruz

$200 From.. To... - With Love #05

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Lizania Cruz uses audience participation to investigate how migration affects both being & belonging. She works with an individual's oral history and active participation to create mixed media works. Cruz's work provides an astonishingly beautiful platform where immigrants' unique experiences, differences, and similarities can be expressed and shared.

  • Original work 

  • 2019

  • Signed 

  • 3rd Edition

  • Annually, remittances total over $500 billion dollars. In many countries, remittances make up a large portion of their GDP; 10.5% in the Philippines, 20% in El Salvador, and 32% in Haiti (2016). "$200 From... To... -With Love" attempts to make visible the impact a dollar could have on immigrants homelands. Lizania Cruz collected these receipts which became the basis for a series of 35 collages depicting how that same amount can be spent on a commonly used food item in one of the 15 countries with the highest remittances flow from the USA.

Collage, 13" x 19" 

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