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Showfields’ Cookie Policy 

Last Revised: April _, 2020

Showfields Inc. (“Showfields”, “we”, “our” or “us”) welcomes you (the “User(s)”, or “you”) to our Site and App and other Services. We are committed to ensuring that your privacy is protected. We aim to be as open and transparent as possible around the information we collect when you visit and use our Site and App, including through the use of “Cookies”.

  • Introduction

  • This cookie policy (“Cookie Policy”) explains what Cookies (as defined below) are and how we use them. It also explains the different types of Cookies we use, and how you can change or delete them. We hope that this policy will assist you in understanding, and feeling more confident about, our use of Cookies. 

    For information on how your information is collected and used by us in general, please see our Privacy Policy at (“Privacy Policy”).

    In this Cookie Policy, reference to “Cookies” includes cookies and all other files that collect information in a similar manner. Please note that most Cookies do not collect information that identifies you and will instead collect more general information such as how Users arrive at and use our Site or App or a User’s general location. 


  • What are cookies? 

  • Cookies are small text files which are stored on, and accessed from, your computer or mobile device when you visit or use the Site or App and other Services. We use cookies, web beacons, pixels, clear gifs and other similar tools (collectively, “Cookies”) on our Site or App and other Services to recognize your device from those of other Users of the Site or App or other Services, to improve the Services’, Site’s or App’s performance, to deliver a better and more personalized service according to the User’s individual interests and the device or browser used, to track Users’ use of the Site or App, to gather information about the Users’ approximate geographic location (e.g. city) to provide localized content, to prevent fraud and/or abuse, to estimate our audience size and usage pattern and perform other analytics, to develop our Services and to administer targeted advertising and our advertising campaigns to Users across different websites and devices.  

  • How long will Cookies stay on my device? 

  • Most of the Cookies we use are erased from your device immediately after your browser session terminates (“Session Cookies”). Other Cookies remain saved on your device and enable us to recognize your device in the event of a later visit to our Site or App (“Persistent Cookies”). Persistent Cookies allow us to make our Site or App more user-friendly, effective and safe and to record your acceptance of our cookie policy detailed herein. Please note that the data collected through Cookies will not be kept for longer than is necessary to fulfil the purposes mentioned above. 

  • First and third party Cookies 

  • First-party Cookies are Cookies that belong to us and that we place on your device. Third-party Cookies are Cookies that another party, which provides us a service, places on your device through your use of our Site or App and other Services. For example, to administer our Site or App and other Services and for research purposes, we have contracted third-party service providers to track and analyze statistical usage and volume information from our Users. Third-party Cookies may also be placed on your device by our business partners so that they can use them to advertise products and services to you elsewhere on the Internet.  

  • Do we track whether users open our emails? 

  • Our emails may contain a single “web beacon pixel” which enables us to verify whether our emails (and any links or advertisements within the email) are opened. We may use this information to determine whether our emails are of interest to Users, to approach Users who do not open our emails and verify whether they wish to continue receiving them and to inform our advertisers in aggregate of the audience size for their advertisements. Please note that such “web beacon pixel” will be deleted once you delete the email from your email account. If you do not wish the “web beacon pixel” to be downloaded to your device at all, please set your email account settings to receive emails from us in plain text rather than HTML. 

  • What sort of Cookies do our Site or App use? 

  • Generally, our Cookies perform the following functions:


    • Essential Cookies – those Cookies are essential to navigate around the Site or App and other Services and use its features. For example, they allow us to remember your Cookie preferences and to verify if something is not working properly, so we can fix it quickly.

    • Analytical and Performance Cookies – those Cookies are used to analyze how our Users use our Site or App and other Services and to monitor the Site’s or App’s performance. For example, we might use performance Cookies to keep track of which pages are frequently visited and from what locations our Users come from. We might also use these Cookies to highlight Site or App services that we think will be of interest to you based on your usage of the Site or App. We generally use third party Cookies to perform these services, for example, Google Analytics. 

    • Functionality Cookies – those Cookies allow us to operate the Site or App and other Services in accordance with your preferences when browsing or using the Site or App. For example, such Cookies save you the trouble of typing in a username every time you access the Site and App, and recall your customization preferences, such as your preferred text size, fonts, languages and other parts of the Site or App that are alterable. 

    • Targeting and Tracking Cookies – those Cookies collect information about your activities on our Site or App and other Services, to provide you: (i) Online Behavioral Advertising, for which Cookies are placed on your device by our third party service providers to collect your web browsing activity and group together your interests in order to provide you with targeted advertisements which are more relevant to you when you visit or use our Site or App or other Services (please note that your web browsing activity history can be used to deduce certain demographic information which relate to you, such as your age and gender); and (ii) Retargeting, which enables our advertising partners to show you advertisements selected based on your online browsing activity on other websites, thus allowing companies to advertise to people who previously visited their website. We may allow our third-party service provides to use Cookies on the Site or App or other Services for the purposes identified above, including collecting information about your online activities over time and across different websites. For more information on the development of user-profiles and the use of targeting/advertising Cookies, please see //

    • Social Networking Cookies – those Cookies are used so that Users can interact with the content of different social platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.) which are generated specifically for individual users of these social networks. The conditions of use regarding these cookies and the information collected is regulated by the privacy policy of the corresponding social platform. 

    Below are certain specific Cookies you can find on our Site or App or other Services: 




    Google Analytics

    Third party Tracking Technology

    Performance cookie.


    Third party Advertising (targeting) Cookies

    Targeting and Tracking Cookies.

    Adwords (Google)

    Third party Advertising (targeting) Cookies

    Targeting and Tracking Cookies.

    Facebook Cookies

    Third party Social Networking Cookies

    Targeting and Tracking Cookies.

  • Can a User block Cookies? 

  • Most devices and browsers will allow you to erase Cookies from your device’s hard drive, block acceptance of Cookies, or receive a warning before a cookie is stored. However, if you block or erase Cookies, your experience of the Site or App or other Services may be limited. Please note that unless you block the acceptance of Cookies, the Site, App or other Services will utilize Cookies upon your use of the Site, App or other Services (all unless it is required by applicable law to provide a separate consent to use such Cookies, and in which case we will use such Cookies only after we receive your separate consent to such use and subject to your right to withdraw such consent at any time). If you want to remove previously stored Cookies, you can manually delete the Cookies at any time. However, this will not prevent the Site, App or other Services from placing further Cookies on your device unless and until you adjust your settings as described above. 


    Below are links to instructions regarding the blocking of Cookies on commonly used web-browsers:

  • Opting out of performance Cookies

  • It is possible to opt-out of having your browsing activity within the Site or App recorded by performance Cookies. Please note that we use Google Analytics as our service provider in order to track Users’ activities on the Site or App, including by use such service’s persistent Cookies. Google provides a browser-add on which allows users to opt-out of Google Analytics across all websites, which can be downloaded here:

  • Opting out of target advertising Cookies 

  • You can opt out of receiving interest-based advertising on your computer or laptop from some companies, including us and our service providers, by visiting the following sites: //, //, //, and // If you wish to opt out of receiving interest-based advertising on your mobile device, please see the advertising preferences information on for iOS devices or for Android devices. If you are accessing our Services from Europe, please see If you are accessing our Services from Canada, please see

  • Changes to the Cookie Policy

  • Showfields reserves the right to change this Cookie Policy at any time, so please re-visit this page frequently to check for any changes. In case of any material change, we will make reasonable efforts to post a clear notice on the Site and App or we will send you an e-mail regarding such changes to the e-mail address that you may have provided us with. Such material changes will take effect seven (7) days after such notice was provided on our Site and App or sent to you via e-mail, whichever is the earlier. Otherwise, all other changes to this Cookie Policy are effective as of the stated “Last Revised” and your continued use of the Site and App on or after the Last Revised date will constitute acceptance of, and agreement to be bound by, those changes. In the event that the Terms should be amended to comply with any legal requirements, the amendments may take effect immediately, or as required by the law and without any prior notice.

  • Have any Questions? 

  • If you have any questions (or comments) concerning this Cookie Policy, please send us an email to the following address: and we will make an effort to reply within a reasonable timeframe.