Tiffani Glenn
The works Tiffani Glenn creates are from things she sees every day. She sees black women that are on the rise to overcome many stereotypes and adversities. She also sees black women that are still struggling to embrace their features such as full lips and kinky/coily hair. Tiffani wants to embrace and capture those exact features in her work to let them know that they are beautiful and worth loving. Tiffani wants people to see these images in a positive light. Tiffani enjoys creating stylized images of women who have a look of confidence about them. She finds this important because in life we are not always naturally confident in ourselves. However, within the images she creates she has the ability to make the women appear naturally confident in hopes that this feeling will also translate to the viewer. Tiffani also likes to incorporate flowers in her work which are symbolic for growth or change. Her goal is for people to know and understand that self-love is important and you don't have to live by what society’s standards of beauty are. Her work will always be created with an attempt to inspire women to feel confident and empowered by nonconformity and self-acceptance.