The Most Interesting plant-based flips flops with the simple goal of pure and blissful comfort.
The Brand’s Mission
"When it’s all said and done, the reason to slip on a pair of flip flops is simple—comfort. Sure, we put on a pair to go to the beach or because they match an outfit, but what we’re really saying when we wear flip flops is: I’m comfortable. With the simple goal of pure and blissful comfort, we created TIDAL New York. Thicker soles, plant-based materials and comfy straps make our flip flops more wearable than the rest. We also wanted to build a company that we and our customers want to support. That’s why we ethically and locally make Tidals at our low-waste factory in New Rochelle, NY. We believe in comfort from the ground up."
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Stand-Up Comedy hosted by Brittany Brave
January 28th
7pm & 9pm
Showfield’s first ever Self-Care Saturday storewide experience on January 30th that highlights our Healing theme and inspires news regimes in the new year. Featuring the Most Interesting mission-based Self-Care brands across beauty, fashion, tech, home and culinary, the day will allow our guests to revisit their favorite mission driven brands and discover products.
January 30th
New York 12pm – 7pm
Miami 12pm – 9pm