Silver & Riley

The Most Interesting travel and fashion accessories that aim to bridge the gap between functional and stylish.

The Brand’s Mission

Stylish. Luxurious. Functional. Attainably priced. At Silver & Riley, we don’t believe that luxury needs to break the bank, nor do we believe in compromising on style and quality. Our products are made in the same factories, at the same costs and through the same process where several high end fashion brands create their products, but our bags are priced at a fraction of theirs. We are able to do this by selling directly to customers and through a focus on providing the best luxury products with attainable pricing, rather than at exorbitantly high margins.

We are proud to be a principled brand and of our ethos as follows: Women Led, Diverse Team, Inclusive Brand, Socially Conscious, Customer Focused, and Ethically Driven.

All Silver & Riley products are created to be multifunctional and to offer maximum utility, giving you the most bang for your buck.
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