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The Most Interesting social non-alcoholic drink that harnesses the mood boosting effects of saffron.

The Brand’s Mission

SAFFORIA was founded in 2017 by Yass Grayeli in an effort to make the world's most expensive spice widely accessible and to change perspectives in the health landscape by offering a novel approach to a longstanding problem. Grounded in tradition, fueled by a personal triumph, and manifested through a labor and love, SAFFORIA harnesses the healing powers of saffron in a ready-to-drink pocket sized 4 oz. drink that is environmentally conscious and medicinally effective. Formulated with health in mind, SAFFORIA maximizes the bioavailability of saffron and with a patent pending formula that is a personal homage to ancient wisdom and is backed by science. We encourage a multicultural stance on health and wellness that is rooted in eastern tradition and supported by research & statistics.
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