Rosaura Rodríguez
Rosaura Rodríguez is an artist and educator, working on illustration, comics and objects in which handcrafted, artisanal traditions coincide with contemporary practices. Her narrative-illustrative work has been recognized by the publication of “Temporada, as well as “Días”, co-written and co-illustrated with Omar Banuchi, other graphic novels, and many book covers. Rodriguez work mainly with ink and watercolor, creating pieces in which botanical illustration, landscape, and contemporary daily stories converge. Her work intends to reveal both the crudeness of daily life and the idyllic face of nature. She is currently researching tropical and Puerto Rican sources of color in nature, by creating natural watercolors, inks and dyes and connecting this with our history and context. Rosaura is also working on illustrating and editing a political and historic graphic narrative book with Días Cómic, titled “Rapiña/Carroña”