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Queer Candle Co.

The Most Interesting candles that are topped with a visual representation of the scent!

The Brand’s Mission

QCC strives to produce quality products that bring a smile to our customers' faces. By taking the time to create our candles in small batches, we seep love and intention into them at every opportunity. We also strive to bring queerness into the consumer mentality! Less than 1% of businesses in the US are owned by members of the LGBTQ+ community. By being loud and proud about how foundational queerness is in our business, we hope to create space for more queer folks to feel celebrated and welcomed in the small business community. Community is always top of mind for us. We love growing our business together, but being “business people” was never a primary career aspiration for either of us. What we love about the path we’re on is the ability to connect with like-minded shoppers and makers.
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