Matteo Parfums

The Most Interesting California-based fine fragrance brand immersing the world in imagination, culture, maximalism, and confidence.

The Brand’s Mission

Founded in 2017 and brought to life in 2019, MATTEO PARFUMS was created to inspire and evoke confidence, spread multiculturalism and imagination, and connect with others. MATTEO PARFUMS desires to add to the industry narrative by including cultures, people, stories, ingredients, and settings which are often overlooked in fragrance. Established with the principles of maximalism, imagination, culture, and confidence, MATTEO PARFUMS promises to be a fine fragrance brand people think highly of and our supreme products become a staple of who they are.
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Celadawn (Discovery) - MATTEO PARFUMS
Celadawn (Discovery) -
Celadawn (Full) - MATTEO PARFUMS
Celadawn (Full) -